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Black Light Visuals

We are an independent group of painters and creators who strive to add a little more color to the world around us. We transform clothing, skin, hats, shoes, and endless other objects and articles into works of psychedelic Black Light art!!!

Our Story

Brad Lawrence started BLVisuals experimentally here in Detroit as a fine arts major and graduate from College for Creative Studies. Brad has worked with a multiplicity of painting, drawing, and sculpting mediums; both during and before his studies at CCS. Brad's interest in the Ultra Violet world was sparked in 2009, when he began to experiment with the possibilities of Fluorescent pigments in his spare time. Through years of trial and error (and maybe a little bit of wizardry), he at last figured out a way to utilize the hydrodying process in a way that allowed him to paint on both clothing and on skin in a safe manner. However, Brad focused more at this time on his drawing career, and his Ultra Violet art remained a side project while he labored away on 12 massive commissioned charcoal drawings. The tables turned again when just months after his graduation from CCS, Brad began experiencing pain in his forearms, and was diagnosed with tendonitis in his wrist. Frustrated by his inability to draw with the condition, he began to take more interest in his hydrodying methods as a form of Art Therapy.

Corporal Michael Joseph Zach joined the Marine Corps in 2009, when Brad began experimenting in the world of the Ultra Violet. Mike planned on making the military a life long carreer, and his military occuption specialty (MOS) was mortarman forward observer until August of 2010, when Mike was wounded from a gun shot while deployed in Afghanistan. When he returned home, the doctors told him he would never be able to walk again. He spent four months in a wheelchair and 2 ½ years doing physical therapy, and after years of hard work, proved the doctors wrong! Upon his recovery in 2013, Mike reconnected with Brad around the time that Brad was struggling with finishing his last drawing with his tendonitis. The two were friends in high school and played Varsity soccer together - yet were now both struggling with chronic pain & physical limitations just 6 years after. But Brad could still Create using his abstract painting method, and had a grand Vision for radical applications of the medium. With the motivation and support of Mike - the two kept progressing forward towards realizing the Dream.

The other members of our crew are long-time friends and family of Brad.

Frank Terenzi had been a close friend and artistic collaborator of Brad's for nearly 4 years, creating several films utilizing Ultraviolet ink and some pretty mind-blowing footage, much before the dawn of BLVisuals. This led him to be the cinematographer for BLVisuals, acting as Brad's eyes and ears and filming the images they visualize together. All of our promotional videos and photo shoots have been captured and lovingly edited by him. Frank's also the most Optimistic guy you'll ever meet. Ever. Even when he is fighting with editing software, which is kind of an amazing trait to have. And he makes it a point to spread positivity to everyone he encounters.

Morgan Lawrence is Brad's cousin, and started off her BLVisuals career from the beginning, helping Brad at his painting booths at Cirque du Womp shows in Detroit back in 2010. Two years ago, while living in Chicago, Morgan had four seizures, rendering her unable to graduate from Columbia College. She experienced two more seizures after moving back to Michigan and became increasingly frustrated with being stuck in her hometown without her license to drive. This huge detour in her life set her back in a way, but it also gave her the opportunity to reconnect with her her cousin and rejoin the crew in the pursuit of a brighter, more Colorful life and a refreshed Creative outlook.

Chase Goff is the newest addition to the crew, though he has known Brad since they attended the same AP Art class together in high school, while Chase was the captain of the high school football team. After graduation, he went along to college to play football, but only for a year before he decided to attend Kendall College of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelor’s in Digital Media. However, he was unable to find a job in video game design as he had hoped initially, so he became involved in the construction and labor industry. In the summer of 2013, Chase pinched his sciatic nerve on the job, and the labor industry was no longer an option. Chase joined our crew officially in April of 2014 after reconnecting with Brad, and has used his artistry and skills learned from his construction jobs to benefit us. Stepping away from the labor industry has rekindled the creativity in Chase, and he has been driven to draw and paint once more. Chase is our workhorse, always willing to lend a hand to anyone in need, and always with a smile on his face.

Together, our eclectic group aims to travel around the globe and inspire people everywhere to open their minds and experience the magical healing capabilities of Art Therapy & activate the Creative Soul within.